A huge antique bath complex (4th century A.D.) was revealed by a series of archaeological excavations conducted before World War II by Jules Formigé and Henri Rolland. 

These baths, still visible at the Hôtel de Sade, are the remains of a public or private building built of cut stone and rubblestone.


Description: Hypocauste des thermes


Dating from the end of antiquity, they are remarkably well preserved thanks to successive reuse during subsequent centuries. The baths were for public and not private use as various studies and excavations on the site since the 1940's have shown. Within the Hôtel de Sade, despite reuse during successive eras, we can find different areas of the thermae with the frigidarium, the calidarium, the tepidarium, the palaestra, the sauna and rooms with underfloor heating (hypocaust).

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