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Figure marquees

8 figure marquees and several fragments have been discovered on the Glanum archaeological site ! Found in the foundations of various Roman monuments, they were intended to adorn the columns of the Greek monumental center. Come and take a look at them at the Hôtel de Sade, where they are preserved !

Dating from the 2nd half of the 2nd century BC, these marquees all share the same characteristics, with a few variations : each one features four sides on which a face or bust is depicted , surmounted by a basket of acanthus leaves.

These include well-known figures from the Greco-Roman pantheon such as Dionysus-Bacchus, Hermes-Mercury, Apollo and a Cyclops, as well as more original representations such as an allegory of Africa, and male and female figures wearing Gallic torques.

Un des chapiteaux à figures. Face représentant un homme portant une couronne de lauriers.
Un des chapiteaux à figures conservés à l'Hôtel de Sade


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